ROAD TRIP It's Squamish, Bish Room Spray


ROAD TRIP It's Squamish, Bish Room Spray

From Shannon Falls to Joffre Lakes, whether skiing Blackcomb, strolling the village below, or biking anywhere along the Sea-to-Sky, one thing is crystal clear: that crisp freshness in the air is second to none. Whistler is an animal of its own, so much so that they built a tv series on it, but that merely adds to the sheer magnificence of the region; it's Squamish, Bish!

There's one dominating aroma in this part of the country, and it's that invigorating ocean breeze. Pair that with all the cedar and roaming moss you can take!

Spray and enjoy. Fragrance shouldn't be as complicated as your love life.

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