Croatian Scentsation Eau de Parfum

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Spray and Enjoy! Fragrance shouldn't be as complicated as your love life!

If you've never been to the Mediterranean or Balkan regions before, you more than likely have dreamed of it, and rightfully so. It's breathtaking, picturesque, and everything you imagine it might be and more. The food, the wine, the sights and sounds, but more important (clearly) are the smells. You can find a vineyard or olive grove on just about any country road, and often within the confines of small towns. Herbs and citrus trees are everywhere. You simply cannot escape these smells, and frankly why would you want to?! Sidebar: this smells nothing like a burly, spandex-clad, Eastern-European wrestler.

Featuring notes of sweet olive, green apple, ocean, citrus leaf, ripe citrus, green grass, with an herbal infusion of eucalyptus & rosemary, and base of cedar and musk.

50 mL | Comes in a gorgeous quilted black box with gold foil details.

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Ingredients: ethyl alcohol (denatured grain-based perfumery alcohol), parfum (fragrance)

Warning: Do not use around open flame. Keep away from children. Do not ingest.

Colour variations can occur in each Eau de Parfum. Colour variations do not affect the quality or usability of a fragrance.

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