Jar Star Exchange Program

Empty candle jars stacking up? Rather have stacks of cash? Okay well maybe not cash, persay... but the great news is you can now return your used 10oz Glass Jars for a credit off your next 10oz candle purchase!!!

When you return your used 10oz jar to our storefront It's Charlow, darling! you will be given a $5 credit that can be used on your next purchase of a 10oz Jar candle!




Q: Can i use multiple credits on the purchase of one 10oz jar?

A: No sorry, but you can use multiple credits on multiple jars in the same purchase. So for example, if you have 3 credits and buy 3 jars, you save $15!


Q: Do I need to remove the wick tabs and clean the jar before I return it?

A: Not at all! We need to sanitize each glass jar before it can be re-poured, so we are more than happy to do the removal of the wick tabs ourselves!


Q: I didn't buy my jar from you in store, can I still return it to you for the credit?

A: Absolutely!


Q: Can I redeem my credit online?

A: All jar credits must be redeemed in-store at It's Charlow, darling! so that we can take the credit from you in person.


Q: Do you have anywhere outside of Brandon where I can return my jar for a credit?

A: Not at the moment, but we are working on a solution for this in the future!


Q: Can I return a candle tin for a credit?

A: Unfortunately, the finish on the tins does not stay perfectly intact through the sanitizing process, and cannot be re-poured and sold as a "Brand New" candle to our customers. The good news is that they are made of aluminum, and can absolutely be recycled! Yay for Save our Earth vibes! *To be fair, the glass jars are also recyclable for those who do not wish to return theirs for a credit.


Q: Can I use my credit towards a Tin Candle?

A: The credit program is only valid on the purchase of a new 10oz jar.