Jasper Eau de Parfum

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Spray and Enjoy! Fragrance shouldn't be as complicated as your love life!

Exploring the furthest shops of the bazaar, Jasper hunts for the most exotic fabrics and fragrances he can find, the stories of the artisans weaving together in the background like a beautiful tapestry. He knows that his customers will fall in love with every treasure he brings home to his stores; and with a personality full of charm and ease, they may just fall in love with him too... and the tales he will tell.

Featuring notes of exotic australian sandalwood, ylang-ylang and coriander.

50 mL | Comes in a gorgeous quilted black box with gold foil details.


Ingredients: ethyl alcohol (denatured grain-based perfumery alcohol), parfum (fragrance)

Warning: Do not use around open flame. Keep away from children. Do not ingest.

Colour variations can occur in each Eau de Parfum. Colour variations do not affect the quality or usability of a fragrance.

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