Ruby Tuesday Perfume Oil

Ruby Tuesday Perfume Oil

Vacations can’t always be about the parties; even Mick and Keith can appreciate an easy-breezy afternoon out on the boat. Sun in the eyes, glasses to the sky, filled with fresh-pressed grapefruit juice to cure the previous night’s shenanigans.

Whether it’s a yacht party in Croatia, or a pontoon boat at the lake, grapefruit is always a good idea, straight up or with a twist. Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday!

Roll on pulse points (wrists, neck, etc); allow to absorb without rubbing into the skin (for maximum scent staying power); smell fabulous!

*Always test on a small patch of skin first for sensitivities.

Ingredients: persea gratissma (avocado) oil, parfum (skin safe fragrance).

10mL e .38oz