Simmer Down, Sally! Candle + Room Spray

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Aunt Sally is a total smokeshow, we can all admit it; but let’s face it... she’s a hot mess. Every festive occasion she’s sure to go off the rails, making everyone uncomfortable like it’s her job. One of her few redeeming qualities is the mulled wine she brews on the stove, though it always magically disappears before the rest of you get a chance to indulge. Simmer down, Aunty Sal!

Featuring a festive medley of mulled red wine featuring a medley of spices (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg), juicy orange and rounded out with a base of vanilla.

10 oz candle is poured in a gorgeous white glass jar.

12 oz triple -wick candle is poured in our limited edition green ceramic canister with lid.

4 oz candle is poured in a chic gold travel tin with lid.

Burn Time:  60 Hours (10 oz)   |   45 Hours (12 oz)   |   30 Hours (4 oz)

Also available as a Room + Linen Spray 

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