The Adventure Fragrance Set

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Ever wanted to try a few perfumes before you commit? Or maybe you just love fragrance and love to have a dynamite selection to choose from? Or maybe you know a fragrance lover and this would make the perfect gift! No matter the reason, perfume is always in season!

Each Adventure Fragrance set contains 4 15ml Eau de Parfum in sleek cylinder spray bottles, capped off in a beautiful gold sprayer and lid. All packaged in a gorgeous black box with gold foil details.

Choose from 4 pre-selected sets, or if you're really adventurous you can Choose Your Own Adventure Set here.

The Sweet / Fruity Adventure Set contains: Imogen, Moscato Mondays, Sophie + Zaida

The Fresh / Floral Adventure Set contains: Adelaide, Evangeline, Renfrew + Violet

The Exotic / Spicy Adventure Set contains: Mid-Century Mod, Ophelia, Peyton & Xavier

The Greatest Hits Adventure Set contains our four best sellers: Draper, Harlow, Ophelia + Violet

Each Adventure Set includes a coupon for 15% off a full size 50mL Eau de Parfum of your choice in your favourite scent on a future purchase!

*Please note current photography does not show the correct mixes. Please refer to the descriptions above for correct scents in each pack.


Ingredients: ethyl alcohol (denatured grain-based perfumery alcohol), parfum (fragrance)

Warning: Do not use around open flame. Keep away from children. Do not ingest.

Colour variations can occur in each Eau de Parfum. Colour variations do not affect the quality or usability of a fragrance.

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