The Chandler's Dozen Gift Set

The Chandler's Dozen Gift Set

Quality candles aren't cheap, we get that. And that's why want want to help you out a bit to ease the pain of blindly purchasing scented candles online, effectively. Order one of our Chandler's Dozens, for yourself or someone special. Who says you can't send yourself a gift? Not us!

Select this option and we'll send you, or whomever's address you provide us, the set containing all 12 of our Standards Range scents PLUS a coupon code for a free table-sized glass candle of your choice. That's one 9.5 oz candle good for about 60 hours of scentsory bliss, plus you get to keep the dozen sample pods to do as you wish with. Stick them in drawers or closets to freshen the air. Melt them in wax melters. Freeze them and use as ice cubes. Whatever! It's the perfect gift for teachers, friends, relatives afar, or even yourself on a Tuesday! We can even gift-wrap them them and include a note upon request.

Shipping on the sample set is free; you will only pay the standard shipping rates for the glass candle. The person you gift this to will just enter their code and wait by the post box with open hands.

Please don't use these as ice cubes; we kid!

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