Xavier Perfume Oil


Xavier Perfume Oil

Up at his cabin in the birch-covered mountains, life moves at an entirely different pace. Being an introvert at heart, this space grants him the freedom to dive into the lifestyle that truly lights his soul on fire: interesting books, quality hand-crafted goods, and trying to produce the most stellar cup of coffee. One of his most treasured heirlooms is the worn leather chair he and his father crafted when he was a boy, which is where you’ll find Xavier most evenings, by the fire, with his current favourite read.

Featuring notes of smoke, birch, and leather.


Roll on pulse points (wrists, neck, etc); allow to absorb without rubbing into the skin (for maximum scent staying power); smell fabulous!

Ingredients: carthamus tinctorious (safflower) seed oil, parfum (skin-safe fragrance).

10mL e .38oz

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