Zaida Perfume Oil

Zaida Perfume Oil

The smoke parts as she enters the club, like a curtain pulled by an invisible cord. Elegant yet sensual, she moves through the room with a presence all her own. She feels eyes upon her and looks around, only to discover with surprise that they’re full of intelligence and curiousity. He’s dressed and tressed, and so like a moth to a flame she floats over to his table. He invites her to sit, but Zaida boldly leans in, takes a sip of his scotch and turns away to the dance floor. The questions is, will he follow?

This scent evokes the very beauty that is Zaida; light, fresh, ethereal, yet slightly musky and woodsy. Featuring notes of sweet apricot, exotic white musk and warmth of rich ebony.

Roll on pulse points (wrists, neck, etc); allow to absorb without rubbing into the skin (for maximum scent staying power); smell fabulous!

Ingredients: persea gratissma (avocado) oil, parfum (skin safe fragrance).

10mL e .38oz

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