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12-Pack Standards Sampler Candle Set
Regular price $28.00

Don’t just settle for one scent - try them all with our 12-Pack Standards Sampler Set! Featuring 12 unique scents, this set allows you to sample and discover the perfect candle for any occasion. Light up your world today!

Each 1 oz candle is hand-poured in a beautiful gold tin with twist-off lid, and burns for approximately 6 hours. 

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Kind Words

Love the Bitchin' Citron candles that I ordered for my staff. The service was excellent too! Received them in the mail quicker than promised with a nice note enclosed. Happy supporting a local Manitoba business that provides a quality product.

Sue C.

This lovely scent helped to calm me down during the Covid pandemic. Thank you CH for creating such a wonderful candle as Haiku and for delivering it personally right to my doorstep!

Michelle H.

This candle smells just like coffee brewing on a holiday weekend. Like a glorious sleep in and wonderful breakfast. The jar it’s self is also very fancy. Great product and one I will buy again and again.

Tammy A.

We loved these bath salts, smelt so good and excellent quality. We will definitely order this again.

Kate O.

The scent of the perfume is gorgeous. I’m even in love with the packaging. The bottle is super sleek. I thought when I ordered it that it was the size of one of the perfume rollers. It was WAY bigger. And it appealed to me even more because I love things that look unusually giant lol Scent is beautiful and charming and I sometimes like to put a bit on at bedtime so I go to sleep smelling beautiful!

Katherine K.

I'm so glad I could add this product to my nighttime routine! I typically spray it onto the bottoms of my feet before bed and it helps me sleep right through the night. Highly recommend!

Camryn E.