Yeah if Mother Nature could just stop snowing now.... that would be great! - Every Manitoban ever

Thankfully, our Spring Range can have your home feeling as fresh a Spring day, regardless of the Storm a'brewing outside!


A Little About Us

At Charleston & Harlow we strive for quality, from the finished product to the raw ingredients, and even at the heart of our ethos. While luxury and scent journey are our primary focus with these candles, we also make the conscious effort to manage a responsible footprint whenever possible. That's why we use domestically-grown pure soy wax, which is not only clean-burning and non-toxic, but renewable and sustainable. Our fragrance oils are selected from the finest sources to ensure the most rewarding experience. Everything is mixed, poured, labeled, and packaged by hand in our studio in Brandon, Manitoba (Canada).

So fire up your favourite Charleston & Harlow candle, buckle up, and let the journey begin.


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