Ever bought a candle claiming to be clean/green but still smoked, scorching the jar and your walls? Us, too. OR how about when the candle smells nice in the store but once you light it the smell changes, or disappears altogether and all you're left with is the smell of hot wax?! We feel your pain; it's SO annoying!

These candles are ACTUALLY clean, created with only pure soy wax, top-quality plant-based fragrance and essential oils, and pure cotton wicks; that's it! There's no stabilizers, fillers, or additives. No nasty parabens or phthalates. As such, they burn clean without any soot or smoke, they smell just as fantastic burning as they do cold, the scent is both true-to-scent and authentic, but the biggest difference: the candle will scent your space even and subtle, without every being overwhelming, and the scent will longer long after you finish burning it. It will even scent a good portion of your space cold, without burning! Add to that our extremely lengthy burn times, and you've got the candle you've been dreaming of. A candle that performs the way you imagine a candle should, right?

Our fragrances our unique and complex, and all aim to transport you to a scent memory. Each fragrance we blend is inspired on a travel or childhood memory of ours, but while our scent memories may be different many of us share similar scent journeys. We encourage you to find the fragrance that speaks to your soul. 

We set out on this path to create the perfect candle due to the pains we were feeling with the current candle offerings. A candle that was clean-burning, eco-friendly, smelled fantastic both hot and cold, was unique and complex, looked great in any decor, and didn't break the bank.

None of this seem like too much to ask for, right? It's not. Welcome to Charleston + Harlow. Your scent journey awaits.

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