Unscented MAGIC Magnesium Spray

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Did you know that most people are Magnesium deficient and that every cell in the body needs magnesium in some way? It is essential for bone, tooth, muscle, and joint health as well as for optimal sleep and stress reduction. While there are Magnesium supplements, many people have difficulty absorbing magnesium internally and find topical magnesium a more effective method.

Our Magnesium spray can be used on the chest for headaches, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness; on the abdomen for stomach issues and cramps, and directly on aches and pains throughout the body.

Ingredients: aqua (distilled water), magnesium chloride

4oz Bottle



Q: How do I use this product?

A: Spray 8-10 sprays directly onto skin where pain/ailment occurs, and rub in. Wash hands after. After repeated use, you may find that you need less sprays as the Magnesium stores in your body begin to rebuild. You will receive a card with your order that explains where best to use the spray for different aches and pains.

Q: I am experiencing a tinging/itchy sensation after using the spray. Is that normal?

A: Yes, that is totally normal!! This sensation is caused by the magnesium being absorbed into the skin. Some people don't experience this at all, and some people do. It usually dissipate after 10-15 minutes. If you do experience this sensation, just know that it improves/goes away the more you use the spray. If you find that it really bothers you, you can wait 15-20 mins after using the spray, and then wash the area with a mild soap and water. This will prevent the itch altogether.

Q. When will I feel an improvement in my pain?

A. Most people feel relief within 5 to 10 mins after using the spray. If you find that you are not feeling relief that quickly, try upping the amount of sprays you are using until you find the right number for you.

Q. What does the spray smell like? Does it have a strong odour?

A. The spray naturally smells a little like ocean, from the magnesium chloride. We use lavender & hibiscus petals to soften the smell a little, but overall it's a very light smelling spray. Some people say it doesn't have a smell at all to them.

Q. The colour of the spray is not the same as the last bottle i bought. Has something changed, or has it gone bad?

A. We use hibiscus petals to lightly scent the spray, and as the petals are dried and vary from batch to batch, so colouring of the spray can vary. This is entirely normal and does not effect the performance of the spray and does not mean we've changed the formula. Nor has it gone bad.

Q. There is some residue in the bottom of my bottle... has my spray gone bad?

A. Similar to the question on colour, the hibiscus petals are strained out of each batch, but naturally there are sometimes small particles that make it through the strainer. They can eventually bind together to form a slight residue, but this does not effect the performance of the spray or mean it has gone bad.

Q. Is this safe for my child to use? What about during pregnancy?

A. Typically yes to both, but we recommend consulting with a doctor or doing further research on your own to determine your own comfort level with using this product in these cases.



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