Damn fine candles, damn fine ingredients

If you've ever bought a candle that smelled great on the shelf, but smelled less than stellar when burning it at home, this one's for you. If you've ever bought a candle that promised it was clean-burning, but it scorched your jar and even your walls, this one's for you. If you've ever bought a candle that promised it was long-lasting, but it gave you half of the burn time it owed you, this one's for you. So let us see you put your hand's up... woah oh oh, oh oh oh! (What's life without a little Beyonce reference?)

Our candles are for anyone who ever wanted their home to smell extraordinary. Whether the scent takes you away to a far-off place, brings back the memories of your favourite childhood treat, or just makes you feel like your home is worth a million bucks, we want our candles in YOUR home!

We hand-pour each candle with the idea in mind that it will truly transform your scent experience. We use damn fine ingredients when creating our candles, so that you can enjoy a truly damn fine experience. What you can expect from our candles is that they'll smell true to scent, burn clean, give you the best bang for your buck on burn time, and look great while doing all of that.

Oh, and in case we forgot to mention, Charleston + Harlow (our two frenchie-pups and the company namesake's) give the candles two-paws up when it come's to masking some of the more unfriendly odours that come with having pets. It's true, just ask them next time you come visit us at our Brick + Mortar 'it's Charlow, darling!' in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.