Candle Care

So you’ve purchased one of our fine scented candles. Now what? Light, be whisked away, and enjoy, right? Well, for the most part that is correct, but here’s some key tips you should follow to get the most out of your Charleston & Harlow product.

        • During the initial burn allow the candle to burn for a minimum 1.5-2 hours, allowing melt-pool to reach outside of jar or tin and to a thickness of about 1/4”. Wax holds a memory, and as such this process is important to ensure your candle burns efficiently. This will prevent tunneling and excess wax being left on sides of jar un-burned.
        • Light wick(s) while candle is on a flat surface, with matches or a BBQ-style lighter.
        • Be sure to allow wax to melt to edge of jar each subsequent burn (usually within hour or so).
        • Candles should not be burned for longer than 4 hours at a time.
        • From time to time you may need to trim the wick if you notice the flame burns unusually high, or when the candle is not lit and you notice that the wick is 1/2" higher than the wax. This can be done by simply cutting away the burned part of the wick with small scissors or a wick trimmer.
        • Never burn unattended or within reach of children or pets.
        • For travel tins, allow wax to cool for 30 minutes before replacing the lid & packing back into bag to allow wax to solidify.
        • Soy wax melts at a lower temperature, and though the wax itself will not scald the wick’s flame can, so please be careful.
        • If a spill occurs, wax can be easily cleaned up with warm water and mild soap.
        • Up to 1/4” of wax may remain in jar un-burned at the end of it’s life. This is normal.
        • Always burn on a safe surface and space. Do not burn near drapes or combustibles.
        • Once candle has been fully exhausted, clean out the jar by heating in a pot of warm water until the remains of the wax have liquefied and melted away into the water, and the wick-tab has become separated from the bottom of the vessel. Discard the wick/tab and feel free to re-purpose the jar or tin. Re-cycling at its finest!
        • We do not add any chemicals, stabilizers, additives, or UV inhibitors to our candles so there is a risk of the wax lightening in direct sunlight over prolonged exposure. This is a normal property of pure soy wax.