Repurposing Your Jar

Concern for our environmental impact is an important aspect of what we do. With every product we source in our effort to providing you with the most uplifting experience, our ecological footprint is always at the forefront of our minds. That’s why we’ve sourced glassware that we feel can be recycled for a variety of purposes.

No, don’t go planting them in your backyard expecting a tree to grow in their place: we aren’t that granola! But maybe you need interesting beverage glasses for your bar. Perhaps a container to hold your toothbrushes, makeup brushes, or pens? Fill it with those decorative rocks and put it on your shelf, or plant a succulent if that’s your thing! Stuff it with your favourite candies or mints if you so choose. In any sense, just keep it out of the landfill if it can be helped.

So after you’ve enjoyed our candles, enjoy these beautiful jars on us, as the gift that keeps on giving. Send us your pictures of your repurposed glassware on one of our social media feeds or to We love seeing new life breathed into our jars, and how creative you all can be. We’ll try and share them on our social media feeds! Send us your styled shots of our candles in your space as well, or tag us in your posts and you could win free stuff! Stay tuned to our social media feeds.