Are there any other waxes or additives in your soy wax?

No, our wax is 100% pure soy wax! Rumour has it that soy wax doesn’t release fragrance as well as paraffin waxes, but we don’t want you burning toxic paraffins just to have your candles smell stronger. Besides, we believe our candles will speak for themselves; there shouldn't be any question about soy's scent throw after you burn one.


Are your candles organic?

While the soybeans used to produce our wax are kosher-certified and free of genetically modified ingredients, there is no organic certification for these waxes. If we could legally call them organic, we would as they’re virtually so.


Are your candles vegan?

Same as with organic, there’s no vegan certification with soy wax, however none of our products contain animal products of any sort, nor are they tested on animals. Call it what you want, they’re as vegan as that tofu or tempe, without the designation. They ARE Vege-certified though, and kosher-certified. L'chaim!


Why is my favourite scent being discontinued?

Fragrance trends change over time just like any other market, and sometimes a scent that was popular one year ends up being not so popular the next. We make decisions on collections on a quarterly basis, and as such, sometimes scents will be phased out to make way for new, exciting options or collections. In order to keep your favourite scent in rotation for years to come, be sure to tell all your friends how amazing it is, and continue to purchase them so that they don’t fall down the list.


I have a soy allergy. Can I still burn your candles safely?

Yes! The chemical elements in the soybeans that are considered allergens are not typically extracted out into the wax, but any trace amounts that may remain will be burned off in combustion under normal candle use. I wouldn’t suggest using the melted wax as massage oils though if you’re concerned about it, and definitely don’t consume the wax!


How long will my new candles burn for?

Our Glass Jar candles are 10oz and will burn for approximately 55-60 hours. Our travel tins are 4oz or 8 oz candles and will burn for approximately 30 and 45 hours respectively. Please observe the burning guidelines listed on our Candle Care page to ensure efficient burning; this will extend the life of your candle and ensure you reach similar burn times. Note: we cannot control the environment which our candles are set or burned in, so these times are approximates and may vary.


What's the best way to light my new candle?

It is best to light your C&H candle while it is upright on a flat surface using either matches or a BBQ-style lighter. Lighting your candle while it is tilted can result in melted wax smothering the wick and can cause burn issues.



Why is my candle leaving a thick layer of wax on the glass as it burns in a tunnel?

Because you didn't follow the directions! Wax has a memory. It’s much like your cell phone battery. When you first get it, you’re told to charge it all the way for a specified time frame in order to build that memory. Wax is the same. As detailed on the Candle Care page, the first time you burn your Charleston & Harlow candle you need to ensure you burn it for at least 1.5-2 hours to ensure the wax pool reaches all the way to the sides of the glass and to about 1/4" thickness. If you do not allow the wax to melt all the way to the glass it will not burn to the edge of the glass the next time no matter how long you let it burn. Burn to the edge each time, and you won’t waste any wax. If you waste the wax, your burn time will decrease, and who wants short-lived candles?


How is soy wax different from paraffin wax?

Paraffin wax is a waste by-product of the petroleum refining process. It contains carcinogenic toxins that are expelled into the air when burned, just like most other fuel products. Soy wax is a vegetable-based oil product, much like the olive oil you find in your cupboard for cooking. Non-GMO soybeans are refined to remove the oils from their husks, and then further refined through a process known as hydrogenation that allows the oil to solidify at room temperature. The final product burns clean, clear, with no carcinogenic or toxic fumes during burning. Burning soy wax candles will not discolour your walls or drapes the way paraffin can. Soy wax is also biodegradable, meaning it cleans easily and is safe to be returned back to the environment. Soy wax is a plant product, and plants are salads, therefore soy wax is good for the soul! Plus, soybeans are renewable and grown all over Canada and the US.


Will sun affect my candle?

It can yes. Soy wax naturally yellows in direct sunlight over time, so try and keep the candle out of direct sunlight. Luckily, our jars are coloured so you typically don’t have to worry about it too much.


The wax dried funny. It is supposed to be rough?

Not usually! Under normal circumstances the wax should dry to a nice, smooth surface again, but pure soy wax can alter from batch to batch, and as such is subject to variations. We do not add any chemicals or unnatural wax products to make our candles burn longer, smell stronger, or appear smoother with more sheen; they're naturally that awesome. If for some reason your candle does set up slightly uneven, it's merely cosmetic and will not affect the way it burns. This is a true sign of 100% pure soy wax.


How do I trim the wick?

You can trim your wick very simply, with either a pair is small scissors, or a wick trimmer.


Why is my candle smoking?

While smoking is rare during burning (but fully normal when you first extinguish the candle flame), it can happen on occasion. This is because the wick is burning too hot. This is most likely due to the wick not being trimmed to the correct height. If it happens first try blowing out the candle and trimming the wick to about ¼” above the wax. 


Will the wax burn my skin if I spill it on myself?

No! Soy wax melts at a much lower temperature and as such remains at a temperature pleasing to the touch. You can literally pour it on your skin and use it as massage oil. We don't market our candles as such, but they're skin-safe and chemical-free so have at it if you'd like. 



Relaaaaaax. Soy wax is water-soluble, meaning it cleans up with hot water and soap. Be sure not to use dyed dish soap though, or you may stain your carpet the colour of the soap. We don't use any dyes in our candles either so unless your carpet or couch is pure white you should be safe. And if you have a stark white sofa or carpet, a) high five, you style aficionado! and 2) what were you thinking?! Entering the room with the white things... for shame!


My candle is finished. What do I do now?

Besides pout? Buy another, silly! Wash out the jar with soap and hot water, removing the wick tab and it's glue. The labels should peel off relatively easy but if not just soak in hot water. Try not to scrub the glass with harsh scouring pads or it may remove the finish. Re-purpose the jars in any way you see fit. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest feeds for clever ways to give the jar new life, by both customers and us!


Do you only sell online or can we find them to sample and purchase in our city/town?

Please refer to our Retailers page for a list of all locations carrying our fine line of candles. If we don't have retailers in your area be sure to pester your friendly neighbourhood merchants to follow us on Instagram and get to stocking our products, stat! If you have a specific shop in mind, feel free to mention it to us in an email on our contact us page and we'll be sure to get in touch with them to discuss stockist options.


Do you offer samples?

We offer a Sampler Set in our product pages that contains a sampling of each of our scents in tealight form. These are simply to sample the scents and are not actually burnable, however fell free to pop the wax into a wax-melter if you like! At $12 (shipping included) it's much easier to swallow to decide which scent you like before ordering a full-size candle based on descriptions or reviews alone. Let's face it, everyone has their own tastes.

We also have the Chandler's Dozen, which gets you the Sampler Set plus a voucher for one free candle of your choosing. You can purchase this for yourself or to be delivered as a gift, allowing them to decide which candle they desire.


What is the Gift Set and how does it work?

We call this the Chandler's Dozen! Here’s the scoop: you order up the Sampler Set for a friend, family member, to brown-nose your boss, charm that girl in your building, whoever! You enter your billing information and their shipping information. They will receive a Sampler Set to sample our scents along with a voucher to order any candle of their choice. They go online and select their candle of choice, enter their voucher, and BOOM… gift candle arrives in the mail soon after! No wrapping on your part, no trips to the store, nada.


How often do you offer new scents or collections?

We will be reviewing our line every quarter and have a lengthy list of scent collection plans moving forward. We will add seasonal candles at appropriate times throughout the year. Stay tuned to our social media feeds for future developments.


Do you ever do contests or giveaways? Referrals?

We don’t have a referral program but we will be doing contest giveaways on our social media feeds moving forward. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to ensure you are up-to-date on our products and promotions, as well as in the know when we do launch contests. Unfortunately we do not offer a referral program, but by all means tells your friends!


How do you calculate shipping?

Shipping rates are calculated using actual rate quotes from carriers. We do not receive any portion of the shipping amounts


What methods do you use to ship?

We ship with Canada Post typically, but at times will use UPS if the rate is better.


Do you ship to the US?



How about overseas? Would you ship to the UK or Australia, or wherever I live?

We’ll ship anywhere if you are willing to pay the price! If you cannot find a rate quote at the checkout, contact us and we can get you a swift rate quote so you can get your Charleston & Harlow candle into your hands as fast as humanly possible!


How come I don’t see the typical scents like vanilla, strawberry, apple pie, etc that you tend to find with many chandlers?

Because we aren’t your standard chandler. We strive to formulate scents that are not only wildly intoxicating to the senses and whisk you away, but that are genuinely different. We aren’t saying you won’t find our scents anywhere else ever, or that we’d never release a scent that others have, but if we do we will make sure it’s unique in it’s own scents. See what we did there?


Do you do custom orders?

We do custom candle orders for events such as weddings, corporate functions, industry parties, etc. If you'd like to feature our candles at your event, or create a candle all your own, please contact us for a consultation. We will work with your planning committee to produce a product sure to impress any discerning guests.


Do you private-label or collaborate?

Anything's possible, so long as we can put our stamp on it. Contact us with your ideas and let's collaborate!