Baba's Babka Room + Linen Spray

Baba's Babka Room + Linen Spray

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Whether you have a Baba, an Oma, a Yaya, a Nonna, or just a regular, garden-variety Grandma, one thing is likely for certain: she bakes one hell of a mean spice cake. I mean the smell of her home on a slow day is enough to make you weak in the knees and long for goodies, but when she's in the kitchen baking it's enough to knock your socks off. Rich, buttery, heavily spiced and equally sweet, warm in every sense of the word... this scent will have you calling on your favourite lady for a baked favour. Ice-cold milk not included.

Featuring notes of warm butter, jasmine, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, oats, caramelized brown sugar, and vanilla.

Also available in an 8oz Soy Candle.

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